Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, stress, tension. These are the few things I want to talk about today .

If we break a bone we rush to the doctor. If we aren’t feeling good what do we do? Ignore it? Force ourselves into doing something else? Do nothing about it? Maybe this is exactly why we go into depression or get anxiety attacks. Mental health is as important as physical health. Being physically fit and mentally traumatized is not okay.

What do we do? Talk to people? People ignore us or make fun of us. If we go back to the 90s or even the early 2000s nobody even spoke about mental health in most places. Even today people are afraid to talk about their own state of mind. Why? Because nobody takes it seriously, unless its a therapist or a psychiatrist. But again, nobody wants to go to a therapist. Do you see the problem? Mental health has not been spoken about half as openly as physical health. This has to change. How? Maybe one day I’ll be capable enough to include it as a subject in schools. Maybe one day I will be able to bring about this change. Today I can only share my thoughts with all of you.

Tell me what you think. Is mental health something which has to be brought out in light?


I have discovered this new game called psych and would like to share it with y’all.

You and your friends must have the app to play. Basically a question is asked, like a random fact, and each of you have to make up answers for it. Then all your answers are displayed along with the actual answer as multiple choice question. If you choose the actual answer you get a point. If someone else chooses your answer as their answer then also you get a point because you psyched them!

My friends and i have been playing this game for a while. Its an amazing way to qurantine and chill together but while maintaining social distancing.


My friend and I often like debating. We pick a random topic and start discussing about it. Being two people with completely different perspectives, our frequent debates have led me to think about the two sides of a coin.

The other day we were talking about Hitler. My friend believes Hitler was one of the greatest orators of all times and whatever he did was for the betterment of his own country. He thought only about his country and nothing else. My friend admires Hitler’s smartness and intelligence. On the other hand I think Hitler was ruthless. He may be smart but putting live human beings into gas chambers is inhumane. His smartness gets overshadowed by his cruelty for me whereas for my friend the fact that he was so good at what he did is commendable.

Neither am I wrong nor is my friend. We just have different perspectives. This difference of perspectives is what makes our lives interesting. Imagine a world where everyone thinks exactly the same and has the same beliefs. How boring would that be?

I admire different thoughts and enjoy talking about these different sides of the same story. It makes me realise how the world is filled with different kinds of people with different ideologies.

I Don’t Know

A perpetual state of mind.

This everlasting circle of I don’t know is now a part of my life. Not knowing what to do next is sometimes very dangerous and leads to a lot of confusion. But sometimes, it feels good to not be sure, to make decisions on the fly, to live life spontaneously.

I say I don’t know so often as if it’s always at the tip of my tongue. Honestly, I don’t mind it anymore.

I don’t know will perhaps always remain as the perpetual state of my mind.

Who Are You?

How many of us actually know ourselves? We are constantly growing as individuals even if we aren’t on the move. I thought I hated reading but here I am reading and writing blogs. Funny, isn’t it.

For some money is happiness, for others doing what they love even if it doesn’t pay well is happiness. Happiness cannot be defined. But knowing who you really are gives you a sense of peace.

We hear a lot about self care, self love and what not? But what does this even mean? I am no expert i dont know for sure. But maybe it means understanding what u like. It may be reading books or going out with friends. Finding yourself does not neccesarilly have to happen in isolation, shut in your room all alone. It might as well happen in a noisy cafe. Nobody knows you as well as you do. Not even the boy you have promised a lifetime with 😉

The Beginning

I woke up today with a mind full of thoughts : corona virus, quarantine, the asteroid that seems to be heading towards earth, exams getting postpone and found all of this in the newspaper too. Wondering what is going to come out of all of this a sudden relisation hit me.

Why now? Why in 2020? Why this sudden virus outbreak? And then it dawned upon me. Maybe it’s a myth, maybe it’s my way of feeling better, but it probably is earth’s own way of making herself better. With corona virus around it seems as though the earth is getting a new beginning. Pollution has reduced, water is becoming clean, the air is free from all the pollution and a lot of positive changes are occurring all around the globe.

Maybe what is happening around the world today is for the larger good. Maybe it’s a small step to save the earth. Things will get better and corona virus will go away as quickly as it came. But this might be a sign, an eye opener as to what we ought to do and this might drive the world as a whole to take care of mother earth.

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