Being a student, studying and completing assignments on time has always been of prime importance to me. I was also supposed to have a number of important exams this year which due to corona virus have been postpone. This makes me get more time to prepare

But, I am wasting my time. Staying at home all day drags me towards shows, series, social media and all the distractions in the world. One second I make up my mind to study and the next second I am watching an episode of a show. Unproductivity is really getting to me now. I wouldn’t say I am wasting my entire day but the minimum amount of time that I ideally should devote to my education is not happening.

I am not someone who is “all study the entire day.” I want to watch movies but I also want to study. But when the time comes to study, it seems as though I have a concentration of a gold fish.

I am trying really hard to close my temptations and be productive atleast for a few hours a day. Unproductivity is really getting to me.

2 thoughts on “Unproductivity

  1. Same here! I’ve been feeling guilty about being unproductive as well but I think we should understand ourselves a bit more. We are in the middle of a pandemic after all. I’m sure everyone is having a hard time and lacking motivation to do anything. Let’s just do our best!

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