Places Around The World I Want To Visit #2

So, I decided to do a part 2 of places around the world I want to visit because there are so many beautiful places that one post isn’t enough. Read on!


The architecture of this place is what drives me towards it. Greece is a beautiful place to experience the Mediterranean climate. One of the places that I want to visit in Greece is Santorini. The architecture of this place makes it look like a picture postcard. The other thing I definitely want to do when I visit Greece is trek up the Mount Olympus, which is one of the most famous mountains in the world.

Venice, Italy

This place is beautiful and no doubt, one of the most popular tourists destinations. The fine dining, the culture and almost everything about this small place is incredible. And how can one visit Venice and not ride on a Gondola? Cruising through the canals across the city is as dreamy as it sounds. Also, Italy is said to have the world’s best food. If u are a foodie, this is where u should be heading.

Leh Ladakh, India

Situated high up in the himalayan mountains of India, is the beautiful city of Leh. The serene beauty of mountains has always dragged me towards itself. The one thing I would love to do when I visit this place is river rafting. I have visited a number of mountains in India but something about Leh drags me towards it. Visiting Leh Ladhak will be a dream come true.

Feel free to share your views about the places around the world you would love to visit. Would you rather go on a vacation to a beach or to the mountains?

2 thoughts on “Places Around The World I Want To Visit #2

  1. I’d definitely prefer a beach holiday! Greece always looks absolutely stunning, especially Santorini which is probably top of my list. I’d also quite like to go to Italy sometime as well – more so for the food! x

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