Let it go

How important is venting out or letting go of your emotions? Most people do not realize the importance of letting go. I am somebody who believes that getting rid of emotions that overwhelm you is very important for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.

Often i have heard people say do not bottle up your emotions. But what if you are not comfortable opening up in front of other people? What if you are self conscious or just very scared of being judged? I used to be that kind of a person at some point of time and I would never vent out my emotions. Then i started saying it all out in front of a mirror in my room, where no one could hear me, no one could judge me. I started feeling lighter. I was able to get a hold on my emotions.

It is not wrong to be sensitive. It is not wrong to not be able to talk to anyone about it. But it is wrong to live with all those thoughts that can harm you. Get rid of them. Vent it out. It does not have to be in front of another person. It can be when you are all alone, just to yourself, in your comfort zone. Free your mind from your emotions and the thoughts that burden you. It is one of the best forms of self care.

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