Things we should do, not just in quarantine, but all the time

Being in quarantine can be pretty boring. If you are looking for things to do in quarantine, and by things i mean essential things that we should be doing even if we are’t in quarantine, then read ahead πŸ™‚

Drinking Water

I know this is very basic and you must have heard this a number of times but i cannot stress enough about this. I myself am a person who drinks very less water in a day, but i have been making an effort to consciously drink water. I am sure all of you know the benefits of drinking water so lets move ahead.

Skin Care

No this is not a beauty blog and yes i did say skin care. It is very important to care of our skin. Apart from looking good, having good skin makes us feel good and boosts up our confidence level. I have started doing this ever since quarantine and initially it did feel a little boring but now, it makes me feel good about myself. For those of you who are new to this, its very simple. Just cleanse your face, apply a toner and moisturize twice a day. Trust me, you will love doing it after a while.

Embracing a long lost skill/hobby

In the course of our busy lives we might have lost touch on something we used to love doing when our lives were not so busy. When better than now to get back at it!

Learning a new skill

We are never again going to get so much time in our houses once corona virus is gone (hopefully). We might as well learn a new skill. It can be cooking, sketching, dancing, playing an instrument, learning a new language and so much more.

Spending time with your family

We barely do this in our day to day lives. Sit down, talk for hours, have dinner together, cook together, help with the household chores. And for those of you who are not with your families right now, video call, play online rummy with your family, soon you will be with them.

I hope this blog helps y’all at least a little with the whole quarantine situation around. Stay safe, stay healthy.

3 thoughts on “Things we should do, not just in quarantine, but all the time

  1. I sometimes forget to drink water at times too! I suggest buying a big water bottle and keeping it by your side at all times to remind yourself to drink. This was a good read. Stay safe! Xx 😊

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