I Cut My Hair At Home

I have had long hair for a while now, and for the last 2 years i have had layers. Throughout these years i have made sure to get a hair cut every 4 to 6 months to keep my hair in shape. This year i was supposed to go in the month of April to get my layers back in shape, but due to quarantine, I have been stuck at home and my hair is growing all out of shape.

Every morning i would wake up and look at my hair. I have always been too scared to cut my own hair a) because its so long and b) because its really hard to cut layers on your own. I really needed a change to make myself feel good. So i started watching numerous you tube tutorials on how to cut your own hair. Everything looked way too complex except one ; “How to cut your own bangs/fringes.” The last time i had bangs was when i was 7. I wondered whether it would make me look like a kid all over again.

After many days of thinking and contemplating, i did it. I grabbed the scissors and chopped off my hair. And now i have bangs! I don’t hate them, i actually kind of like them. They don’t make me look 7 but i do look younger than i am. They are long enough to be covered. So now i have bangs when i want them and don’t have them when i don’t want them. Give yourself a haircut if you really want to. After all its just hair and it will grow back before you have to actually step out.

Have any of you ever tried giving yourself a little haircut at home? Or has quarantine made u give it a thought? Let me know in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “I Cut My Hair At Home

  1. I’m actually thinking about cutting my hair too but i’m too afraid because I actually have shoulder length hair so if I chop it then there’ll be no other way to fix it.. maybe when it grows a little longer haha! lots of love! xx


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