Just when countries all over the world, including India were recovering and reducing the quarantine/ lockdown restrictions, Amphan – the tropical cyclone hit eastern India and Bangladesh. In India, a major state, West Bengal and a few nearby areas were hit about 3 days ago.

The officials were close to helpless. In spite of knowing about the cyclone and its destructive effects, they couldn’t move many people into shelters because of corona virus as they would be going against social distancing and risking the lives of the people. The cyclone was so bad that tin roofs, trees, towers and many houses were washed away like they were nothing more than ants. Numerous lives were lost, and many lost their houses and everything they had. Farmers lost their land and with that their livelihood. Just when shops had started opening, the cyclone came in and washed everything away. A few lucky places were the ones that had their houses filled with water, their roofs broken and the electricity gone for a few hours. And these were the lucky ones.

The pictures look like it was nothing less than a nightmare.

The cyclone has left India, but its gone to another land, Bangladesh. I pray for the safety and well being of all the people that have been victims to this destructive cyclone.

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