Normalize Having Acne!!

I have been a victim to hormonal acne for almost all my teenage years. Having acne in it self is something that pulls your self confidence down. It was my biggest insecurity for a long time in my life. I am sure this is the case with plenty of women and young girls out there.Continue reading “Normalize Having Acne!!”


Just when countries all over the world, including India were recovering and reducing the quarantine/ lockdown restrictions, Amphan – the tropical cyclone hit eastern India and Bangladesh. In India, a major state, West Bengal and a few nearby areas were hit about 3 days ago. The officials were close to helpless. In spite of knowingContinue reading “CYCLONE AMPHAN”

Mental Health Awareness Month

This month is the mental health awareness month. Here are a few quotes to highlight the importance of mental health : Mental health is and should be one of the most important factors in our lives. We have to break this stigma of mental health and rise above. Only then can we be happier andContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month”

Things we should do, not just in quarantine, but all the time

Being in quarantine can be pretty boring. If you are looking for things to do in quarantine, and by things i mean essential things that we should be doing even if we are’t in quarantine, then read ahead 🙂 Drinking Water I know this is very basic and you must have heard this a numberContinue reading “Things we should do, not just in quarantine, but all the time”

Something Very Interesting..

There are 195 countries in the world. Almost all of them have been affected by corona virus. Some contained it well, most faced the wrath. But the positive side is many countries are finally advancing towards flattening the curve. Yesterday afternoon, when i was watching the news i realized something very interesting. In the 195Continue reading “Something Very Interesting..”

Places Around The World I Want To Visit #2

So, I decided to do a part 2 of places around the world I want to visit because there are so many beautiful places that one post isn’t enough. Read on! Greece The architecture of this place is what drives me towards it. Greece is a beautiful place to experience the Mediterranean climate. One ofContinue reading “Places Around The World I Want To Visit #2”

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